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 Transcending pain and beauty 
 Through my art I symbolically synthesize the patterns of beauty with an equally contradictory
proposition of pain to demonstrate reconciliation and transcendence into collective
actualization of universal consciousness.   I try to accomplish this by a technique I refer to as
‘pyroblading’ where I employ the sculpting and painting techniques on a burned or traumatic
surface.  This technique is particularly empowering because it enables me to not only recreate
but assign new life and meaning to a traumatic surface.  
My art practice is inspired by the upheaval and displacement I experienced as a member of a
minority population while growing up.  My work relates to the migrant and refugees around
the world, who must flee war and upheaval and seek new lands to pursue peace and
stability.   Through my art I try to communicate their plight and hope to demonstrate how a
traumatized soul emerging from a burned and wounded past is still able to seek new hopes
and new life and completely reinvent itself.   

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